“Dandy! Dr. Radio is styled as a kind of vintage radio comedy, though it's one you can see as well as hear. It features eccentric characters from Benjamin's Cannon Street neighborhood, zany plot shifts and a love story that turns touching in the show's final moments. The actors deliver the goods in performing McGovern's score, whether it be an appropriate tenderness (LeGette's I'll Help You Sing Again, crooned to a broken radio), comic lunacy (Dimon's That Is Vot I Read and the cast's The Séance/Widow McKeever) or some paint-peeling belting. The audience adored Dr. Radio!”


“Charming! McGovern’s songs are witty, tuneful, character-driven and performed with gusto by a five-member cast. McGovern has us from Benji’s opening number, I'll Help You Sing Again, crooned to a radio he is repairing, as well as his duet with Kate (There’s Nothing Wrong With Things The Way They Are), which plays on their opposing views of the then-modern age. A hummable score, full of sprightly numbers that wink at musical theater traditions without being consumed by them.”


“Adorable! Memorable melodies, well written harmonies and appropriate reprises, all very well sung by colorful characters. This eagerly anticipated new musical by McGovern and Castellino has great sentimental appeal and well-seasoned performances bound to leave a smile on your face.”


“If you don't laugh, you don't have a pulse. Dr. Radio not only is an exercise in nostalgia but it's about one: Benji Weitz, sitting at his old radio, reminiscing about a simpler and less vexing time. Maybe 'Cannon Street' is a nod to an actual cannon — that of old-fashioned, now-I-hate-you-now-I-love-you-type romances. Moreland and LeGette are predictably solid in their lead roles. They even manage to eek some pathos out of a jazzy/poppy ditty called There's Nothing Wrong With Things the Way They Are — a really wonderful song that, if the world is just, will become a minor classic of the jazzy/poppy genre. Though Dr. Radio is new, you almost know it by heart.  ”


“A sell-out! One of the treats of the 2010 theatre season. The show is what you want most musicals to be. This world premiere  musical is just the kind of light-hearted  production you will find being picked up by regional theatres nationwide.”


“Over the top and hilarious! This charming musical takes place on the Lower East Side of Manhattan on Cannon Street back in the golden age of radio.  Stellar!”


Dr. Radio deserves an ‘A’! Its motto: 'You can't know the future until you know the past,' is timeless. Dr. Radio is pretty darn good entertainment!”


“In a season which has brought us a number of really good, even memorable musicals, here's another one to see. It's different from the all the rest, and that's a genuine part of its charm.  A sweet, enchanting musical that cannot be pigeonholed into any category and defies easy description. “


“Hilarious! Melodrama with plenty of verve. Charming and wistful…the performances of the five-member cast are uniformly solid and the production values handsome.”


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